What kind of service do we offer at Sew Special Soft Furnishings?

Sew Special Soft Furnishings Offers

We offer a full service from the beginning of the process to the very end, so what do we mean by that?  Well first of all, we would have a discussion over the phone to find out what kind of soft furnishings you are looking for, be that curtains or blinds, cushions or lampshades, a headboard or covered furniture, tracks or poles, tiebacks and accessories etc.

Next, we would talk about which room you are going to put these soft furnishings in and what does the room look like in terms of colour, pattern and textures. What is the furniture like?…. the carpets, the paint or wallpaper. We discuss what kind of colour scheme you are looking for, though this often changes further down the line! Ascertaining what kind of fabrics you like can narrow down the fabric options we bring to show you.

We also consider how you use the room and how you would like to ‘feel’ in the room.  For example it might be a room that you only use in the evening for watching TV and you would like it to feel cosy and warm or it might be a light, bright, open dining space where you entertain.  Gathering all this information helps us to build a full picture of your requirements.

An appointment would then be arranged for us to carry out a consultation in your home.   We would then discuss all the finer details of what you are looking for and how you would like to feel in the room. We bring a variety of fabric books and swatches to choose from. We can also use the vast libraries on our supplier’s websites to narrow down our search criteria and select samples.


At this stage we would take in depth measurements of the windows or doors we are looking at and note down all the details we would need.  These might include for example:

  • Roman blind – would you like the blind inside or outside the recess, would you like it to cascade or be stacked in its finished position, when the blind is pulled up, how high would you like the finished blind to sit, would you like any embellishment such as a pom-pom or beaded trim along the bottom of the blind etc. ?
  • Curtains – we would discuss what kind of headings you would like, we can choose the lining that would work for your needs, are you looking for full curtains or maybe faux curtains?
  • Our service also includes lots of other types of blinds including rollers, wood or aluminium venetians, verticals, roof blinds such as Velux, pleated Blinds, blinds for bi-fold doors etc. We can specify tracks and poles, tiebacks and accessories, everything to complete the project.


Following the consultation we would collate a detailed quotation for you.  Once you have accepted the quotation, we move forward to take the initial payment towards the job and then move into the sourcing stage. We purchase all the materials needed, including the fabric, the lining, the track or pole and all the materials we need to make up the soft furnishings.  We deal with all of that for you

Next we move forward to the making up stage. We take great care in making up the soft furnishings to meet our agreed specifications ensuring we take great attention to detail.   Once everything is ready, we would contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date and send in our professional fitter to fit the tracks, poles or blinds and to hang any curtains necessary.  At this stage we take the final balance payment for the project.

So in summary we are offering you an end to end service where you don’t really have to leave your home and we will bring everything to you, from samples to the finished goods.  The idea of our service is to make things as easy as possible for you the client, taking away the stress of having to go and find fabrics, having to come up with the ideas of what you would like. Guiding you through the process so that you end up with something that you really love is our aim. We are trying to help you to create your dream home.

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