Spring Cleaning Secrets, to freshen up your curtains & roman blinds – a guide

Spring is in the air, with the scent of fresh spring flowers, from snowdrops to daffodils, crocus to primroses, sunny days and warmer weather, baby lambs in the fields all around us generally brings the feeling of happiness.  I don’t know about you but Spring is one of my favourite times of year, the transition from the dreariness of cold, dark winter days to brighter, lighter, sunnier days which make me smile with joy.

Having a spring clean helps me to let some things go and bring new things in.  Are you having a clear out? Are you getting rid of the clutter? Cleaning the house to make it all feel tidy, fresh and new again? Now is the time to breathe a new lease of life in to your home.

So, what are my secrets to spring cleaning your curtains and roman blinds?

Spring clean for me = a fresh start

Your made-to-measure lined or interlined curtains and roman blinds have been made with great care and we hope you will take care of them for years to come. Here at Sew Special Soft Furnishings we do not recommend washing or dry cleaning your curtains and blinds due to the fact that the lining, interlining and main fabric can all shrink at different rates.  Instead, we suggest you follow this how to guide.

Firstly, open the windows and let in the fresh, Spring air. This will help to air the room and the soft furnishings.

To Spring Clean soft furnishings in situ

If you have chosen to leave your curtains/roman blinds in place you can pull them across the window so the maximum amount of air gets to them, from the open windows.  Next, you need to hoover them.  Using the small brush or curtain/upholstery attachment with the long hose will enable you to reach up high.  Setting the suction to the lowest level and working from top to bottom, will allow you to remove any dust, dirt, debris, pet hair etc.  Remember to clean the front face fabric and also the lining closest to the window.  Linings often collect cobwebs or small black flies. Using a lint removal roller or brush will likely remove any loose fibres.


To remove soft furnishings for their spring clean

Taking the curtains/roman blinds down from the track/pole by unhooking them from the runners/rings will certainly make the job easier, particularly if they are mounted high up.  Following the instructions above and then hanging them outside to air on a bright sunny and windy day works well.

How to clean the curtain track/pole?

If the curtains are in situ, unhook the last hook from the glider/ring and slide the curtains towards the centre of the pole.  Using a duster and polish to remove any dust/build up and really shining the pole, will allow the runners/rings to glide.  At Sew Special Soft Furnishings we use lined rings to aid the curtains gliding along and to stop the pole getting scratched.  Once you have done one end you can slide the curtain back across, reattach the last glider/ring and do the same to the centre section.  Dusting the inside of the rings can also help.

Hint:  Never spray the polish directly on to the pole or near the curtain fabric, but spray on to a duster/cloth, that way you are less likely to damage your lovely fabric.

Often tracks and poles, particularly in kitchens or bathrooms, can become dirty, sticky or greasy.  Preparing some hot water and washing up liquid and wiping over with a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth, and then a polish, will make them sparkle like new again.

If you are anything like me, it’s probably not top of your to do list, however, cleaning the windows themselves and the frames can also help to keep the curtains clean, especially if you have a build up of black mould around the glass which can be caused by a build up of condensation.  Simply removing this and beginning to leave the window vents open, will help to prevent any build up on the lining of the soft furnishings.

The Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer swap

 You may be someone who uses this time to swap from your dark, rich colours to your lighter, fresher colour palette.  Removing your cushion covers, rugs and accessories and cleaning as appropriate, then replacing with your clean cushion covers, rugs and accessories in a spring colour palette can really revamp your room to give it a fresh new feel.


In summary, taking some time to breathe fresh air and new life into your soft furnishings, can mean they last longer and your room will be fresher ready to start the new season.  Uplifting your senses in this way can really put a smile on your face.    Sew Special Soft Furnishings, are here to help you to create your dream home.

Do you have any hints or tips to share about your Spring-cleaning rituals?  If so, why not share them here in the comments or by emailing nicola@sewspecialsoftfurnishings.co.uk


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