Made-to-Measure vs Ready-Made: 6 reasons I love Made-to-Measure Curtains

If you have always bought ready-made curtains, off the shelf, in a packet, you might be thinking why would I need made-to-measure curtains and what is the difference?

What benefits are made-to-measure curtains going to give me and is it worth the investment?  

In this blog I’m going to try and explain this for you.

I often think that made-to-measure curtains are like giving your windows a huge hug.  They make a real statement in your room and will likely become the focal point to your scheme, particularly if you select a striking fabric.   So, let’s have a look at a few more reasons.

Reason One

First, there’s size – ready-made curtains are limited to a few ‘’standard sizes’’. Architects these days enjoy creating windows and doors of all sorts of shapes and sizes from round to arched, bi-fold doors to angled windows and bays.  There really is no such thing as a standard one size fits all anymore.  Creating made-to-measure curtains means that your curtains will be made specifically to fit.  In turn this means less wastage of excess fabric which is better for the environment.

Reason Two

With thousands of fabrics available it seems a shame to limit yourself to the small selection of ready packaged curtains when the world is your oyster.  Inspiration might come from a Moroccan holiday in the sun, a Swiss ski trip to the mountains or a visit to the Great British coastline.  How wonderful it is then, to incorporate this in to your soft furnishings by selecting a suitable pattern from the wide array of fabrics available.


Reason Three

Pleating to pattern means that the same flower or leaf can appear on each pleat, a great design feature and is only available with made-to-measure curtains.  Different kinds of heading probably need a blog of their own, but – put simply – these are hand crafted without any tape in sight meaning we choose the shape of the heading and its placement.  You might prefer pinch pleat or cartridge, inverted pleat or a wave heading (more on this in a future blog I’m sure).

Reason Four

“Wow”, “stunning”, and “amazing” are what we hope your visitors will say when they see your made-to-measure curtains; this is often due to the choice of fabric and lining combination.  You’ll also be able to make the most of embellishments which come in many forms, adding borders in a contrast fabric, beaded or bobble trims, braids or edges hand sewn in place can really set your soft furnishings apart from the ready-made brigade.

Reason Five

Behind the scenes, the linings can really help the curtains to hang beautifully while serving another important role of blocking out the light or sound and helping to keep the warmth in; with rising energy costs this is becoming ever more important.

Reason Six

Last, but certainly not least, would you rather receive a plastic rectangular packet of creased and folded curtains to hang yourself or, curtains that we press, hang and dress by hand on your behalf?  Taking the time to pleat them up and putting ties around them for 48 hours to help them remember their pleats is just another trade secret we use.

In summary, the benefit of having made-to-measure curtains is getting exactly what you want, hand-made in the fabric, size, and pattern you desire, all crafted by our devoted seamstresses to create long-lasting pieces you’ll cherish in your home.

If you are having a curtain dilemma and would like to chat, please get in touch by calling 07533 403956 or emailing and let Sew Special Soft Furnishings help you to create your dream home.

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