All you ever needed to know about blackout linings – the what, why and when?

With the clocks changing and the move to British Summertime at last, this means longer and lighter days for us all.

Are you someone who has children that sleep during the daytime? Do you work nightshifts and need your sleep during the lighter hours? Do you perhaps travel to different time zones and need to catch up on your beauty sleep?  Read on to find out how blackout linings, when added to curtains and blinds, might be able to help you.

What is a blackout lining?

Firstly, it isn’t black, as the name suggests.  A coating is applied to the fabric to enable it to ‘black out’ the light.  We use a 3-pass blackout lining which means there have been 3 coatings applied.

The what – What are the properties of a blackout lining?

  • Blocks sunlight from entering a room
  • Thermal properties
  • Sound insulation properties
  • Allows patterns to look their best

The why – What are the benefits of using a blackout lining?

There are many examples of times when you might need to block out the sunlight.  These might range from young children who have daytime sleeps or it could be shift workers who catch up on their sleep during the day.  Light sleepers may start to wake up earlier as we transition in to the summer months or travellers changing time zones may need to sleep at unusual times.   Blackout lining can also help to protect fabrics from fading in the strong sunlight.

Helping to keep the heat inside the room during winter and keeping the room cooler in summer can be aided by the addition of blackout linings on your curtains and blinds.  This can save on your energy usage and the costs attached to this too, which certainly is a win – win.

The noise of vehicles / people outside your window can also be a nuisance.  The blackout lining has some sound insulation properties, helping to dampen the noise and help you sleep better.

Light shining through the window can often detract from the design on the fabric so blackout lining ensures the clarity is maintained.   It is also particularly beneficial with certain fabrics to stop the reed lines/embroidery threads showing through on to the face fabric.

The when? – When can blackout linings be used?

They can be added to all made-to-measure curtains and roman blinds, but are particularly beneficial in bedrooms and media rooms.  In addition, roller blinds and vertical blinds can also be supplied with blackout fabric.

Fire-retardant versions are also available which are suitable for use in commercial premises such as hotels, schools or offices etc.

If you close the blackout blinds or curtains before the sun is streaming in, you can help to keep the room even cooler.

So there you have it, the solution to a light filled room is blackout lining.

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