We offer a full range of window and door blinds including Roman blinds, roller blinds, wooden and aluminium Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, perfect fit and Intu blinds, roof blinds and Velux blinds. During our consultation we can help to guide you through the choice of blinds to ensure that what you choose meets your requirements.

Sew Special Soft Furnishings Blinds
Sew Special Soft Furnishings-Blinds

Roman Blinds

At Sew Special Soft Furnishings we take great pride in our work to ensure that our Roman blinds are beautifully made.    All our seams are handsewn and our rod pockets are made using the lining. We insert a layer of interlining between the fabric and the lining to help give that luxurious feel. You can select either cotton sateen lining or blackout lining.

Each layer is attached together by hand which means there are no visible stitch lines on the front of the blinds. Our Roman blinds are attached to header rails which have built in child safety mechanisms. Each cord also has child safety mechanisms and an adjustable toggle. Safety is of upmost importance to us. You can also choose the colour of your chain; silver, brass or white plastic and of course which side you would like the chain to fall in order to operate the blind.

During our consultation we can advise you on pattern placement within the blind and discuss whether you would prefer a cascaded or stacked finish ensuring you get exactly what you would like in your finished blind.

We can also discuss the drop of the blind once it has been installed in its finished location.  Deciding whether the blind is going to sit inside or outside the recess is another consideration.  We take in to account tiling, window handles etc.

We can add a contrast band along the bottom or panels down the side if you need to have joins – sometimes it adds a touch of finesse to add this in a contrasting colour. Embellishments such as pom-pom or beaded trims or braid can make an eye-catching addition along the bottom of the blind.

Sew Special Roman Blinds
Sew Special Soft Furnishings-Roman Blinds 02

Roller Blinds

Sew Special Soft Furnishings offer a wide range of fabrics to choose from in a roller blind from plains to patterns, from blackouts to voiles, in every colour of the spectrum, the choice is yours. We also offer Disney, Star Wars™ and Marvel blind fabric.

Fascia’s added to the top of the blind and beautiful trims along the bottom give that finishing touch. A simple roller blind can be transformed into a window dressing with a ‘wow’ factor.

Sew Special Roller Blinds
Sew Special Soft Furnishings-Roller Blinds 02

Venetian Blinds – Wooden, Faux Wood or Aluminium

A full range of colours and slat widths is available to choose from. Within our range of wooden blinds we have 15mm, 25mm, 35mm or 50mm slat widths and we can add ladder braid in co-ordinating colours.

Our faux wood blinds are made from 100% PVC and are a great alternative for use in moist conditions such as bathrooms. Within our range of aluminium blinds we have an array of plain and patterned designs and finishes. Again, these all come with child safety mechanisms and have wand tilt operation.

Sew Special Venetian Blinds
Sew Special Soft Furnishings Venetian Blinds 02

Vertical Blinds

Gone are the days when vertical blinds were only used in offices, our range provides beautiful designs suitable for any contemporary home or business.

Blackout fabrics are a great solution in a TV or cinema room.   Enclosed weights are also an alternative option to the traditional weights and chains.

Sew Special Vertical Blinds
Sew Special Soft Furnishings Vertical Blinds 02

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds have become a popular blind option.  They help to keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer particularly if you opt for the honeycomb fabric option.

Honeycomb are available in an array of fabrics and are a popular choice around the home and particularly in conservatories or orangeries. Air is trapped in the shaped pockets and this creates insulating properties.

Sew Special Pleated Blinds
Sew Special Soft Furnishings Pleated Blinds 02

Intu and Perfect Fit Blinds

Intu and Perfect Fit blinds can be fixed in place on the glass of your windows or doors without the need for drilling or screwing.  They are operated with a bar along the bottom of the blind, raising and lowering them to the required height.

The versatile top down, bottom up system allows these blinds to be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom to give greater flexibility.  The micro system is a narrower profile blind suitable for bi-fold doors so has become increasingly popular.

French Doors Intu Pleated

Roof Blinds

Roof blinds function well within the likes of Velux Windows set within the roof of a property.  They are fitted within the glass area and act like a roller blind moving up and down on guide wires. A truly neat system which is especially good when blackout material is required.  Some fabrics have heat retention properties to help keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer.

Roof Blind

Why would you choose a made-to-measure blind?

All our blinds are made with quality materials. Made-to-measure means exactly that, they are not cut down versions of larger blinds, they are all made to your requirements and specifications.

We measure carefully to ensure a good fit within your recess or indeed on the outside, taking into account window handles, tiling and other elements. Rest assured our attention to detail ensures your blind will be the perfect finishing touch to your home.



With advances in technology it is now possible to have your blinds motorised -either battery operated, with a plug or wired in.

Sew Special Soft Furnishings Motorization

Systems can be operated using a remote control, timer or wall switch or alternatively can be linked to your mobile phone or home hub device.  You can even operate your blinds when you are away from home.