About This Project

Made to measure curtains for Lounge in Rothwell, Northamptonshire – bay window, french doors and small window



Create soft furnishings for a large 5 sided Bay window in a house in Rothwell.  The client knew that she wanted the room to be cosy once the project was finished.  It also included a set of French doors through into an extension office and another small window.


Our initial consultation included discussions about the colour scheme, what kind of fabric type she liked and how she wanted to use the room and to feel in the room.   Initial measurements were taken.


We set to work looking for suitable fabrics, tracks, poles etc.  On a second visit we showed the client a selection of silver and grey fabrics with the occasional lilac to tie in with the paintwork.  In the end she chose a velvet fabric with a hexagonal design to create a luxurious feel and we proceeded to have a made-to-measure curved track made with two reverse bends.


We chose this track after much consideration so that it would curve around the windowsill which was already in place. We loved the curved shape and thought it would lend itself to a lovely flow for the curtains.  A ceiling fixed track to block out as much light as possible was selected. The fabric was quite heavy so we decided to line the curtains with a plain cotton sateen lining.


On this occasion we made a third visit with the fitter to make a template for the made to measure track to ensure we had a good fit around the bay window.


Then we made the curtains and panel to the exact dimensions we had taken and took in to account everything we had discussed during our visits.


The finished look is a sumptuous window dressing of made to measure, cartridge pleat, full-length curtains on a made-to-measure curved and reverse bent bay track, a second pair of made to measure full-length curtains on a brass pole and a small panel of fabric on a small window.   The curtains and panel really do finish off the room in an elegant style.



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