About This Project

Loose Cover for Wingback Chair in Mawsley, near Kettering, Northants



The client had a beautiful wingback chair that she wanted to breathe new life into.  She asked us to create a new loose cover.


During our initial consultation we looked at a variety of fabric options and discussed the need to tie the colours in with the existing footstool, cushions and curtains.   Fabric needed to be of upholstery quality and fire retardant so we opted for a pure wool fabric from Warwick Fabrics, which is inherently fire retardant.


The client selected two bright contrasting colours, fuchsia and lime green.  We also piped the edges in the lime green to tie it all together.  It was an amazing transformation and it looked like new.  She was thrilled with the chair and it fitted perfectly with everything in the lounge.   Another happy customer!


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Loose Cover for Wingback Chair